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Want Briana’s messages of perseverance, resilience and personal success at your next event?

Legendary U.S. Goalkeeper, Two Time Olympic Gold Medalist, World Cup Champion and

Preeminent Speaker


Over the course of her legendary career in soccer Briana had to overcome innumerable obstacles.

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Briana’s journey has given her a unique perspective, as one the first African American professional female soccer players and one of the only openly LGBT players in the league.

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In first grade Briana told her teacher it was her dream to be an Olympian, today she stands with three medals to her name.

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Take a quick look at Briana Scurry’s storied career.

Between testifying in Congress, commentating on the World Cup, and public speaking, Briana has had a busy few years. Check out this video to see more of what she’s been up to!