Current Speaking Engagements - Briana Scurry
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Current Speaking Engagements

Legendary U.S. Goalkeeper, Two Time Olympic Gold Medalist, World Cup Champion and

Preeminent Speaker



Over the course of her legendary career in soccer Briana had to overcome innumerable obstacles. She parallels the hurdles she faced in her athletic career with real life challenges many professionals experience, sharing tools for success that are just as applicable in the boardroom as they were on the soccer pitch.

• Overcoming Obstacles
• Motivation and Inspiration
• Succeeding Under Pressure
• Teambuilding


Briana’s journey has given her a unique perspective, as one the first African American professional female soccer players and one of the only openly LGBT players in the league. Briana is an excellent person to have speak on diversity as well as overcoming obstacles to achieve your dream.


• Diversity
• LGBT Issues
• African American Issues
• Motivation and Inspiration


In first grade Briana told her teacher it was her dream to by an Olympian, today she stands with three medals to her name. Briana grew up playing a variety of sports, all of which helped mold her into the Olympian she is today. Briana talks with young athletes and students about the importance of setting goals, and working to achieve them through dedication and hard work.

• Staying Focused
• Setting Goals and Achieving Results
• Love of the Game
• Concussion Prevention and Awareness
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View a portion of an inspiring speech Briana gave at Georgetown University.