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Team Up With Briana Scurry

Dear Friends,

In 2010, I suffered a debilitating concussion. It ended my career but began the journey of a lifetime. It took four excruciating years to find the right diagnosis, action plan, and to eventually obtain the necessary surgery. I was broken – physically, mentally, and spiritually. I wondered each day whether I could continue.

But since that surgery, my path forward has been clear. I have worked tirelessly to advocate for concussion/traumatic brain injury awareness; I have testified before Congress (twice), and have traveled across the country to share my story with neurologists, TBI specialists, patients, and student-athletes.

The one element of this journey that has kept me awake is my inability to directly improve the lives of the thousands of people who have shared their stories with me, expressing their own struggles and pain. But the truth is, I was never in a position to – until now.

I have seen first-hand the impact CBD products have – on me, my family, and those who have already experienced this with me. It’s why I’m so proud to partner with HempWorx, a company producing the highest quality hemp-derived CBD oil available on the market.

Click here to explore these products and learn more about our CBD products. I encourage you to share your recovery journey with me and find your most comfortable path forward. Together, we are stronger in the face of traumatic brain injuries.

Click here to become an affiliate member of my team.