America Scores - Briana Scurry
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America Scores

America Scores

Using Soccer as a Means to Inspire

In 2014 Briana was named national spokesperson for America SCORES, an organization that brings after school and summer soccer programming to urban youth. Through these programs America SCORES not only emphasizes teamwork and fosters a love of the game, but also supports young athletes by keeping them engaged in their school work.

“At this point in my life, I want to be part of something bigger than myself and give back to the soccer world – which has given so much to me. I believe that sports are a good outlet for keeping kids out of trouble, young girls and boys, especially in inner cities, need to have choices and opportunities to play sports and after school is one of the best places to achieve these. SCORES is a great fit!”


 — Briana Scurry on being America SCORES national spokesperson

Briana contributes through her capacity as national spokesperson in many ways, whether it is speaking to students about her love of soccer, donating signed memorabilia to be raffled off for fundraising, or leading goalkeeping sessions with students. Briana is committed to America SCORES philosophy and goals.

Briana Scurry talks soccer and being named America SCORES national spokesperson

Olympic/World Cup Champion, Sports Analyst and 

Preeminent Speaker