The National Soccer Hall of Fame - Briana Scurry
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The National Soccer Hall of Fame


2017 National Soccer Hall of Fame Inductee

Briana — National Recognition for a Lifetime’s Work

The National Soccer Hall of Fame came to life in 1950 and almost 30 years later in 1979 the National Soccer Museum, as a physical entity, was established in Oneonta, N.Y. It was officially recognized as the National Soccer Hall of Fame by the U.S. Soccer Federation in 1983 and today nearly 300 members have been elected to the Hall of Fame for their outstanding contributions to American soccer, both on and off the field.  

“Soccer had already given me so much more than I could possibly give back. Now, to be inducted alongside the likes of Michelle Akers, Mia Hamm, and Kristine Lilly – I am truly humbled. Thank you for letting me play for you, and thank you all for this incredible honor.”


 — Briana Scurry

In 2017, Briana was elected as a player inductee, capping off a career that includes winning, or earning, every major honor in the sport.

Olympic/World Cup Champion, Sports Analyst and 

Preeminent Speaker