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FIFA WORLD MUSEUM- Opened Zurich, Switzerland 2016

Inspiring the world

Briana Scurry is thrilled and humbled to announce that she is now a permanent part of the FIFA World Football Museum!  Her gloves and jersey from the 1999 Women’s World Cup Championship have a new permanent home at the FIFA World Football Museum. See below for more information about the Museum and visit the website


24FIFA03-master675FIFA has created the FIFA World Football Museum to celebrate the rich heritage of football and to show how the game continues to connect and inspire the world.


The FIFA World Football Museum tells the story of how world football’s governing body has developed association football globally and made it the undisputed number one sport in the world, uniting nations and bringing continents together.
“I am thrilled and humbled to be a permanent part of the FIFA World Football Museum!”


 — Briana Scurry
12932834_976344879117476_173207211111361408_nPride of place in the FIFA World Football Museum is the FIFA World Cup™ Gallery. A must-see for all fans, the gallery is dedicated to the history of football’s ultimate prize and will host an incredible collection in a stunning architectural setting where the jewel of the exhibition – the FIFA World Cup Trophy – is on display.


With a multitude of attractions, audiovisual experiences and thought-provoking exhibitions, the FIFA World Football Museum shows the impact football has had on society, and how it is a source of inspiration for fans across the globe.

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