Briana Scurry | Unequal HALO Headgear
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Unequal HALO Headgear

Unequal HALO Headgear

World Class Head Protection

Briana first discovered Unequal Halo Headgear at the national soccer show in Philadelphia in early 2015 and was drawn to the bright fashionable colors thinking, “this is headgear kids will actually wear!”  After understanding the technology and the serious nature of Unequal protection, Briana saw the value this technology could have for all soccer players to reduce risk of concussion, especially for female players.


Unequal is a company that protects soldiers on the battlefield and athletes on the sports field.  Their military grade, patented protection, that includes coated, aramid fabric like Kevlar® (the stuff found in bullet-resistant vests) and proprietary foams like Accelleron® and Airilon®,  is layered into the Halo to create a serious buffer against impact shock. The 10mm Halo is certified to ASTM F2439-11 and Complies with FIFA Law 4.  The technology also reduces acceleration which refers to how the head reacts to impact. The graph seen here shows how the 10mm Halo reduces acceleration.  Less acceleration, less force, less risk.  Combine this protection with great colors, 2 sizes and 2 thicknesses and you really have a number of choices to look cool while reducing risk of injury


1464719957976To visit Unequal’s website and learn more or to order the Halo click here.

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