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Gordie Howe Initiative

Gordie Howe Initiative

Advancing Innovation in the Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury

Briana is honored to be named Honorary Co-Chiar of
The Gordie Howe Initiative.

While there is no viable solution currently available for treating TBI, the good news is that stem cell research is advancing rapidly within the neurodegenerative feld and treatments seem to hold great promise for patients suffering from TBI. Unfortunately, due to budgetary constraints and other priorities, it is increasingly challenging to obtain federal or private sector funding for early stage clinical trials even if there is promising evidence that such trials have the potential to advance medical science.


As a result, organizations like ProMedica and Stemedica are forming unique public/private collaborations and joining forces with concerned citizens like Gordie Howe and his family to fnd new approaches to supporting important research. The GORDIE HOWE Initiative has been formed to fund a series of studies to investigate innovative technologies in the treatment of TBI. The results of the frst safety and effcacy trial will inform any decisions or next steps the Initiative might take.

“We are all Gordie Howe. Join Gordie’s team to advance
innovation in the treatment of traumatic brain injury.”


While there are different types of stem cells, the Initiative will begin work with mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). MSCs have been shown to stimulate cell growth and may work to help repair or replace lost or damaged cells in the body due to damage caused by the effects of TBI. The MSCs to be used in the study were obtained from the bone marrow of a healthy adult volunteer through an FDA-licensed bone marrow donor program.


Please go to to learn more about how you can be a part of The Gordie Howe Initiative and change the lives of those suffering with TBI!
Do you know someone who has served in the military? Played a contact sport like soccer, hockey or football? Or has been in a motor vehicle accident?


GHI Case for TBI Support_Page_1If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you probably know someone who has experienced a traumatic brain injury (TBI).


Read more about Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and how you can help.

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