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Briana in the Media

 Briana shares her concussion story, knowledge on TBI, and of course – anything and everything soccer.

MSNBC: US Women’s Soccer Team Eyes Another Goal

Live interview with Stephanie Ruhle

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PBS NewsHour: Women’s Soccer Players Sue Over Wage Gap

Live interview with Judy Woodruff

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HashtagVOA: #EqualplayEqualpay

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ESPN: Roundtable: Concussions A Concern in Non-Contact Sports

By Bonnie D. Ford

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Fox Business: U.S. Goalkeeper: It’s Clear Women’s Soccer Brings in the Revenue

Interview with Stuart Varney (Varney & Co.)

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Former US Soccer Star: ‘There Are No More Excuses’

Interview with Katty Kay (BBC World News)

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Philadelphia Inquirer: Climbing out

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The Washington Post: Her biggest save

Briana Scurry couldn’t be sure if it was the painkillers or the fact that surgeons had just plucked pea-size balls of damaged tissue from the back of her head. But when the two-time Olympic goalkeeper and Women’s World Cup champion awoke at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital on Oct. 18,  the headache that had hijacked her life for the past 3-1/2 years was gone…

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TIME: Today’s Women Players are Appreciated for their Achievements

As a member of the U.S. women’s team that brought home the World Cup in 1999, it was an amazing experience to be a fan in the stands and watch the U.S. win 5-2 against Japan Sunday night. Now I have a better understanding of why so many people have come up to me over the last 16 years to explain the joy and excitement they felt watching me play. I had the exact same emotions watching the team in Vancouver.

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PBS News Hour: Team USA hits its stride for finals, ratings on the rise too

On Tuesday, the U.S. women’s soccer team scored a 2-0 victory against Germany to advance to the World Cup finals against Japan. Christine Brennan of USA Today and former U.S. goalkeeper Briana Scurry join Judy Woodruff to discuss the upcoming match, why the team has seemed to improve so much recently, and whether the league should reevaluate its policies on head injuries.

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Huff Post Live: Former US Women’s Soccer Goalie Briana Scurry

Former U.S. women’s soccer player Briana Scurry is best known for her save that won the 1999 World Cup, but a devastating concussion ended her career. She joins us to discuss the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup and #WhatsWorking to prevent concussion.

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Melissa Harris-Perry: Disparity in prize money in world of soccer

As the FIFA Women’s World Cup gets underway, many are hoping the perceived culture of gender inequality in the world of soccer will come to an end. Retired soccer player Briana Scurry, WNBA champion Swin Cash,’s Raul Reyes and NBC Sports’ Jason Page

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All Things Considered: Former Goalie Says U.S. Women’s Team Looks “Incredibly Strong”

The 2015 Women’s World Cup opens in Canada Saturday. NPR’s Melissa Block talks to former goalie Briana Scurry about the U.S. team’s prospects. Scurry was on the last U.S. team that won in 1999.

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USA Today Voices: Soccer scandal is black cloud over World Cup

Twincities.Com: Briana Scurry: U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Has ‘Chance To Change The Ending’ Mental Toughness Key To Carli Lloyd’s Success

USA Today: Morgan Brian’s Collision Raises Scrutiny Of Fifa’s Concussion Rules Hahn And Humpty Podcast Usa Plays Germany In World Cup Semi-Finals

CBS Sports Radio: Briana Scurry: ‘Offensive Attack A Little Disjointed’ ‪Armen & Levack Joined By Briana Scurry Talk Women’s World Cup

ESPN Radio: Caught Offside

Yahoo Sports: Can The U.S. Knock Off Germany?

ABC Australia Looks Forward To A Bright Future

San Jose Mercury News: Women’s World Cup: With Attention Comes Criticism For U.S.

Los Angeles Daily News: Briana Scurry Reflects On 1999 World Cup Win On Eve Of China-U.S. Rematch The Women’s World Cup Champs Of ’99: Where Are They Now? Us Win Against Colombia Advances Team To Quarterfinals

USA Today: Briana Scurry Previews USWNT In World Cup Knockout Stage

USA Today: What is Hope Solo’s Impact On Women’s World Cup? Is Canada Set To Win Women’s World Cup?

ESPN.go: Briana Scurry On The Current U.S. Squad, And The Hope Solo Controversy One-On-One with Briana Scurry

Newsday: Briana Scurry: USWNT Needs To Win vs. Nigeria Team USA Eyes Women’s World Cup Win Does Fifa Have A Gender Equality Problem? Briana Scurry: How USWNT Coach Jill Ellis Should Handle Alex Morgan’s Health Briana Scurry: Hope Solo will need To Be A Leader for Uswnt At The Women’s World Cup Briana Scurry: Fifa Corruption Will Continue To Impact Women’s World Cup

Si.Com: Briana Scurry: How USWNT Can Escape Group of Death Briana Scurry: Who Will Take USWNT’s Abby Wambachs Playing Torch Women’s World Cup: Former Goalie Briana Scurry Settles Into New Role of Soccer Fan

CBS Sports: Briana Scurry: ‘Black Cloud Over This World Cup’

MSNBC: Olympic Champion: FIFA President ‘Is What We’ve Got To Work With’

CNN: FIFA Under Fire Ahead Of Women’s World Cup

LA Times: ’99 Women’s World Cup Win Was Indelible, But U.S. Seeks To End Drought

AFP: ‪Team USA The Favorites Heading Into Women’s World Cup

The Doug Gottlieb Show: Briana Scurry, Former USWNT Goalkeeper U.S. Soccer Star: FIFA Allegations Have a Silver Lining, Especially for Women

New York Daily News: Former U.S. women’s goalie Briana Scurry talks career-ending concussion, Hope Solo controversy

Star Tribune: Briana Scurry says Team USA has the offensive kick, depth to win the World Cup

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